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Minecraft Hardcore Series “YOLO” Part 1: Stay Safe

Welcome to my Channel! On this channel I will be doing PvP And more Cool stuff! I dont ONLY play Minecraft! I play TF2 and soon maybe MW3! so keep in touch and we’ll find out what happens! SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE CHICKEN ARMY! Recorder – Dxtory Editor – Sony Vegas Pro 12 IRL Name – Gideon Age – 13 Hobby – Sports And Video Games Friends- (Our Skit Channel!) www,youtube.com (A part of TheFlyingAxes) (A very Good Friend) (Epic PvPer) SUBSCRIBE FOR BETTER QUALITY VIDEOS!

Minecraft servers toplist

8 Responses to Minecraft Hardcore Series “YOLO” Part 1: Stay Safe

  1. DatMinecraftGuyJwig says:

    :P nice lets play

  2. BritishPvP says:

    I don’t know, sorry.

  3. BritishPvP says:


  4. BritishPvP says:


  5. GoldOreable says:

    nice vids!

  6. DrGolemPvP says:


  7. GoldOreable says:

    what dimensions are your avatar?

  8. GoldOreable says:

    Awesome vid!!!!

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